Wild boar huntingThe price of your hunt is based strictly on the size of your boar.

All boars are $3.50 per lb. live weight.

If you want to do an economy hunt you can or if you want to kill the biggest thing you can find you can do that to, shoot as big or as little a boar as you want, then shoot one or ten boars, it’s all up to you.

For example:
Come and stay for three days, bring a wife, son or daughter, kill a 50lb boar, your hunt costs $175. Live weight of boar X $3.50 per lb. = cost of hunt.
There is no other charge!!

We accept Master card, Visa, personal checks and cash.

Deposits are $100 per hunter; deposits will be applied to that hunter’s boar. At the end of three days if a boar has not been harvested the deposit will be retained.

We have a draw blood policy, any boar that is wounded is considered a dead boar and the hunter will be charged for it, we ask all hunters to follow up on shots and be sure they have not wounded any animals.

Although we all like to hunt we believe in quick humane kills.